Lauren McKern

Operations Manager

A little about me

Real Estate is not about property. It’s about people.

So it stands to reason that when the Green Team were ready to expand, it wasn’t about finding the right person who could ‘file a document’, ‘answer a call’, or ‘take a note’… but rather, it was about finding someone whose passion for people matched our own. Lauren‘s age always surprises, due to extensive knowledge far beyond her years. Whilst she is an expert in her field, Lauren is able to quickly embrace the latest marketing methods and technologies, ensuring Green Jelly is the example everyone follows. While Lauren‘s business card reads ‘Operations Manager’ to the Green Team, it should really read ‘listener, speaker, understander, task actioning ninja, master of keeping the Green Team on their toes, Keith’s right arm, therapist, teacher, & lawmaker!’ But then that wouldn’t fit on a card too nicely, would it?

With the amount of talent Lauren already has it’s scary to think what she will be capable of in years to come.

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