Caleb Harvey

Property Consultant

A little about me

It’s an old cliche to say that real estate is in someone’s blood… but when your career starts at just 19 years of age, and within a few short years your negotiating million dollar deals, all signs point towards a career in property service that’s set to soar!

Born and bred in South Taranaki, NZ, Caleb has followed his heart to the New England for love and brings a level of energy and enthusiasm that makes him a perfect fit for the Green Team. His passion for people and desire to understand the motivation for the individual means that Caleb works tirelessly to ensure every goal is met, and exceeded.

The right mix of quirk, passion, personality, and potential… Caleb is dedicated, honest, and easy going. Catch up for a chat and you’ll soon realise he’s an old soul, with youthful drive.

Green jelly real estate

37 Elowera Rd, Armidale
NSW 2350

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